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We Have 50 Years of Experience in Recovery and Recycling of Used Clothes

We have supported our specialized work Team with the most modern technologies and the most sophisticated automation systems, allowing the optimization of work and times.

Giuseppe Valletti

CEO Valletti S.r.l.

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Our Green Philosophy

Every year, around 100 billion items of clothing are produced worldwide and 70 million tons of used clothing thrown away.
Of these, at least half are still in good condition, but only about 15% are reused and put back into circulation.

When you think about the greenhouse gas effect usually you think of cars emitting CO2 into the atmosphere.
On the other hand, it must be considered that when solid waste is buried in a landfill, it releases gases into the air, such as methane, as they decomposes.
According to the statistics shown by Planet Aid, for every pound of clothing recovered, about 3-4 pounds of CO2 are saved from entering the atmosphere.

With our activity of recovery, recycling and trade of used clothing and our dense network of national and international customers, we have helped to save several thousand tons of second-hand clothing by helping to reduce the environmental impact, saving them from landfills and finding new homes for these products.

Our Mission

To offer our customers high quality clothing, footwear and accessories.

Our Vision

Safeguarding the Planet and reducing the environmental impact.

Recycled Clothing
CO2 reduction
Water Saved
Our Team

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Valletti srl is a consolidated company that operates in the sector of recovery, recycling and putting back into circulation of second-hand clothing, footwear and accessories.
Our high experience in the field of used clothing allows us to offer our national and international customers only products of the highest quality, in great wearability conditions, vintage of excellence and labels with a Made in Italy taste.

Choosing to buy our quality means becoming part of the Valletti family, becoming a partner, and not just a customer.

Proud to be synonymous with guarantee and reliability.

Best quality
Great selection
High experience

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The Valletti administrative team is female.

Experience and professionalism are the characteristics for a winning team.